Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life in Barren Places

Sometimes God will take us to a barren place.  It is a place where it seems like all of our hopes and dreams have died.  A place where there seems to be only death, descay and waste.  The Israelites left Egypt full of hope for a better future.  But, as the days wore on and they continued in the wilderness, the desert place, they began to doubt God and question his purpose for them.  But, even in that barren desert, God provided food, manna from heaven, and he provided water from a spring through a rock.    Even in the desert, God provided faithfully for the people.  His faithfullness renews our hope even in the wilderness places as God teaches us how to love and follow Him.  God allows us to walk in the barren desert so that we can see who He is and His faithfulness to us.

Scripture reference:  Exodus (The story of the deliverance of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt.)

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