Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anointing His Bride

"Anointing His Bride"
8 x 24 in.

The Bible refers to the Church many times in the New Testament as "the Bride."  One day we will sit at the banqueting feast with Jesus for the Marriage supper of the Lamb to His Bride and we will reign and rule with Him in His established Kingdom.

Joel 2:28-33 talks about how God will pour out His Spirit on His people.  The Chruch, the Bride, is who will receive that anointing.  The Bride are those who have made themselves ready to receive the anointing through consecrating their lives in obedience and holiness before God.  Eating His Word and allowing it direct their lives in communion with the Holy Spirit of the living God.

In Isaiah 62:5, God says that He rejoices over His people in the same way that a bridegroom rejoices over his Bride.  "So shall your God rejoice over you." (verse 5)

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